Jade Facial Roller


Facial rollers are about to become your new best friend. Known for their aide in lymphatic drainage, daily facial rolling can help remove toxins that build up and reduce puffiness and undereye bags. It also helps improve blood circulation and leave your skin naturally glowing and brighter than before. Inflammation can cause rosacea, psoriasis, premature aging, and even acne – store your jade facial roller in the fridge for an easy anti-inflammatory massage tool. To enhance your face massage even more, use with your favorite serums or creams to evenly distribute and glide across your skin. 

To use: After cleansing, use your face roller to apply your favorite skincare products and treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Roll outward from the center of your face and around eyes to decrease puffiness. Do NOT roll back and forth as this will not help improve circulation. Use for 5 minutes daily.