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About SJC Body Love Products

SJC Body Love products are made for health and skin-conscious individuals who are tired of unknown ingredients, overpowering scents, and expensive multi- product routines. Our clean, minimal ingredient skincare is made from familiar plants and medicinal oils. Each formula has a natural, gender-neutral scent and can be used anywhere on the body – eliminating the need for multiple products. Our products are a great option for stressed and sensitive skin.

We believe

In leading by example.

In treating others how they wish to be treated.

In uplifting and empowering others.

A product should do what it says it's going to do.

Skin care shouldn't come with compromises.

Quality skin care shouldn't cost a million bucks

The people have spoken!
The people have spoken!
“Body Love products always make my skin feel pampered, moisturized, and all-over soft, which are necessities in the cold and dry winter weather of Minnesota.”
— Karla R.
The people have spoken!
“To be totally honest, I don't buy a lot of spa-type products because they usually smell too perfumey for me. But your stuff...WOW! That citrus is AWESOME!!”
— Lynn H.
The people have spoken!
"I have been using the facial foam wash and I am truly enjoying the results. I have very sensitive skin and I have struggled with a lot of facial products over the years due to how sensitive my skin is. I followed your advice with the give it a full week to let it work things out and I am glad I did. This is week two and I am so very pleased with the look of my skin!! Thanks again Body Love Products!!!!!!!!!!"
— LaTarsha Bronaugh
The people have spoken!
"I received several body love products at a teacher appreciation event. I have been extremely impressed with the body butter. I have started using it in the last couple of days to try something new for areas of my skin that are always dry. A couple of days and my skin is healthy! I don’t even have the words to express how happy I am with this product."
— Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell
The people have spoken!
“Hands down the best! Clear skin results in less than a week! I will be ordering more!"
— Sheila S.
The people have spoken!
"Body Love products are very inviting to your skin. The products have pleasant scents and they do not irritate the skin. I highly recommend Body Love products to everyone, especially those with sensitive skin. Ms. Jones has created a wonderful product."
— Tartia Robinson
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