Forever Mini Facial Cleanser

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Introducing the Forever™ Mini Electric Ultrasonic Silicone Beauty Cleanser:

Your ultimate solution for washing away dirt and banishing blemishes with ease. Our innovative device is designed to deliver a superior cleansing experience, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clear, and rejuvenated.


  • High-tech silicone design for a more hygienic cleanse
  • Removes 99.5% of dirt and impurities
  • Compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go use
  • Just 1 minute, twice a day, for a radiant complexion
  • Works seamlessly with our Soothing Renew Foam Wash for optimal results

Unique Silicone Design:

  • Softer touch-points for gentle cleansing
  • Nonporous silicone resists bacteria buildup
  • 50% larger brush head for efficient cleansing
  • Longer touch-points reach hard-to-clean areas
  • Thicker silicone body for comfort and performance
  • Thinner touch-points for sensitive skin
  • Precision cleansing with thicker touch-points

Experience the difference with the Forever™ Mini Electric Ultrasonic Silicone Beauty Cleanser. Say hello to radiant, flawless skin with every use. Order now and elevate your skincare routine to new heights!

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