Subscription policy

As part of this membership, you’ll receive our quarterly subscription box of 7-8 full size eco-friendly, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and impact driven curated products. This curation is at up to 50%-70% off retail prices for a limited time each season. 

You can join as a quarterly member for $75.95 USD to reserve just one seasonal LOVEBOX upfront, gaining membership access for a quarter. Each box is curated by founder and owner of SJC Body Love, Sabrina D Jones. 

Your membership will automatically renew every 3 months, on the 1st of the seasonal month - December, March, June and September. Your first box will be the LOVEBOX coordinating to your sign up date. If you sign up after the 1st of the seasonal month, your first subscription box will begin the following season. For example, if you sign up on September 2nd, your next LOVEBOX will be the Winter Subscription Box! 

As a seasoned renewing member, your spot is reserved for special promotional items (this is important because they typically sell out very quickly) and will be designated to renewing subscribers first and will ship within the first two seasonal months (Dec/Jan - Winter, Mar/Apr - Spring, Jun/Jul - Summer, Sep/Oct - Fall) - but a more specific shipping schedule will be shared to subscribers during the specific season. 

Your membership will renew automatically on a quarterly basis using the payment method associated with your account. Memberships will auto-renew at the full regular price, plus any applicable shipping charges and taxes. To prevent renewal, you can cancel your membership online or by emailing us at All prices listed are in USD.

SJC Body Love  Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and acknowledge the above renewal terms.

FAQ Page

How do I pause my seasonal subscription box? 

We know life ...should you decide this season’s LOVEBOX is not for you, you can pause your subscription to skip the current box and continue on with the next seasonal box. To request a pause to your LOVEBOX, please send an email to and our helpful team members will take care of this for you!

LOVE NOTE: A request must be submitted prior to the seasonal renewal date (April 1st for Spring, July 1st for Summer, October 1st for Fall, December 1st for Winter) in order to prevent receiving a box for that season. 

Will I continue to be billed after I give LOVEBOX as a gift?

After you give LOVEBOX as a gift, you will be billed on an ongoing basis until you cancel. You are welcome to transfer the account information and/or adjust billing information to allow the giftee to continue their membership — if you need help with this, just email us and we’ll take care of you.

Of course, you can also cancel the gift membership from your account page (without penalty) to prevent a renewal at the next renewal date!