Growing up with eczema, Sabrina Jones experienced the adverse effects of synthetic lotions and medicated treatments. Her struggle continued into adulthood. She suffered headaches, dry skin, allergies, and anxiety from a high-stress career in child protection. When she became pregnant, she knew she needed to take control of her health and find a better way to deal with the stress and take care of her skin.

She researched essential oils and started combining them with other natural ingredients, such as shea butter and carrier oils. Her mental and physical health improved significantly, and she had a healthy pregnancy.

Her experience sparked a passion for helping others with similar health issues. In 2015 she founded SJC Body Love - her own line of handcrafted skincare made with clean, simple ingredients and a lot of TLC. 

Mission of Love

We create simple, clean, and effective formulas that soothe the skin, ease stress, and are a joy to use. 

Vision of Love

To elevate the well-being of humankind-one mind, body, and spirit at a time.

Values of Love

Keep it real - We're real beyond our ingredient list...We own our edges and value the differences that makes each of us unique.

Inspire creativity - We are curious by nature, we explore new ideas, and we dare to dream.

Less is more - We aim to simplify the clutter of everyday life to create space for more of the things we love.

Care for others - We treat others how they want to be treated, lead by example, and find ways to be of service to humanity.