Ultimate Love Spa Box Collection



Luxurious 10-item set of handmade bath, body products, and accessories for anyone who loves to pamper themselves. Everything you need to bring the spa experience home. We surprise you with a spa box filled with all-natural, safe and healthy products to show your body love. You choose the fantastic moisturizers for the bath and skin and we cover the rest! Indulge your senses in our amazing fragrances. Ultimate Love Spa Box contains 10 items: Two 4 oz. Body Butters, 10ml Rollerball, 4 oz exfoliating body scrub, Body Mist Spray, Refreshing Foam Wash, Bath Bomb, Loofah Sponge, 3-4 oz.  Candle and Lip Balm!

Box Choices:

All About Me Box: Two 4 oz. Body Butters-Soothing ( Formerly known as Rejuvenate and Refreshing, Formerly known as Day Dream), 50ml Renew Foam Wash, 3-4 oz.  Candle, Cherry Lip Balm, Calming Air+Body Spray, Loofah sponge, Bath Bomb, Calming Roller Ball, Calming Body Scrub. 

P.S. I Love Me Box: Two 4 oz. Body Butters- Calming (Formerly known as Reset)  and Uplifting ( Formerly known as Revitalize), 50ml Refreshing Foam Wash, 3-4 oz.  Candle, Peppermint Lip Balm, Relax Air+Body Spray, Loofah sponge, Bath Bomb, Sleep Roller Ball, Uplift Body Scrub.