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Your body deserves the very best, don't you agree? Our bath & body collection contains body washes, body scrubs, body butters, body sprays, bath soap, and roller balls. Made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils to help relieve stress that are safe for your whole body. We love to empower you to be your BEST natural you. 

Dr. Mom's who care for their house hold and themselves seek our products that provide an alternative to over-the-counter- medicines and safe no matter the age.

Our Body Collection is made for all skin-types but with special love for those with sensitive, dry, and irritated skin. No harsh chemicals that can leave your skin damaged and inflamed. Do away with perfumes and welcome the amazing scents from our essential oil blends. We are known for our body butters where a little goes a long way. Take the tour into our oasis of Body Care products, your skin will thank you. 

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  • Cranberry Apple Marmalade Soap
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