Subscription LOVEBOX


We are constantly learning and refining our craft and inspiring others to be creative, too. The Fall Box prepares you for the seasonal change and to make sure the products you use soothe the skin, ease stress and of course are a joy to use. 

Included in the Fall LOVEBOX:

  • Set of 3-10ml Essence Roller Ball set: Relax, Calming, and Soothing scented oils to help manage your mood. 
  • 1- Roller ball Aromatherapy Ball Case - holds up to 10 - 10ml Roller Balls or 15ml essential oil bottles. 
  • 3- BioAqua Face Gel - Cherry, Aloe & Blueberry
  • 1- Face Mask Brush
  • 1- Bath Bomb Bag - Mystery choice of Healing Jasmine, Healing Tea Tree, or  Soothing Eucalyptus. Three-4 oz individual bath bombs per bag.  
  • Jade Facial Roller

BIPOC Partners:

  • 1- Deanen Popcorn - 3 oz bag ( Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Kettle Corn, or Vanilla)
  • 1- Bamblu Cashmere Mist Spray - 2 oz